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Meeting Intelligence for Teams™
Meeting Intelligence for Teams™

Automatically share the important parts of your meeting recordings. PixelMixer detects topics and updates those who need to be in the loop.

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PixelMixer is an intelligent, cloud-based video hosting solution that makes it easy to create a secure, searchable video library. Use PixelMixer to manage your valuable content, such as meeting recordings, training videos, stand-ups, presentations, and video messages. PixelMixer handles the tagging and transcription of your videos and will also alert you when a keyword of interest is mentioned.

PixelMixer can import your Teams meeting recordings and identify the important parts so you can share them with others.

With the Meeting Intelligence for Teams:

  • All of your Teams meetings are automatically saved, transcribed, and searchable.

  • The important parts automatically detected and tagged.

  • Jump directly to the part of a recording where a topic is being discussed.

  • Get notified whenever a topic of interest is mentioned.

  • Share only relevant parts of the meeting with others so they don't have to watch the whole video.

If you are not already a PixelMixer user, you can create a free account by clicking here:

This article will explain how to use the features supported by Meeting Intelligence for Teams:

Import Meeting Recordings

Import your meetings into PixelMixer so they can be searched and discovered by others.

First, Login to PixelMixer and on the homepage click Select Videos from the Import Meeting Recordings panel:

Select Teams and login using your Teams credentials when prompted. You will then be presented with a list of your recorded meetings to select from:

Select which recordings to import, click the import button and then you can share with others:

Jump Directly to a Topic

Topics are a way to visually identify the subject matter within a video and quickly find parts of interest. PixelMixer automatically detects the topics within your video and gives you visual indications of how frequently it was mentioned. Darker colors indicate the items that were mentioned the most frequently.

Click on a topic to list the locations and excerpts where it was mentioned:

Click on the excerpt text to jump to the part of the video:

Subscribe to Keyword Alerts

Stay in the loop as important topics and people are mentioned by adding Keyword Alerts to your User Preferences. As soon as a keyword is mentioned in a video transcript, you will receive an alert via text or email.

To add a Keyword Alert, select User Preferences by clicking your user icon in the upper right and then select the Alerts tab:

The next time a meeting is imported that mentions the keyword, you will receive a notification.

Note: Keywords Alerts take a few minutes to become active so be please patient when you update your alerts as they do not take effect immediately.

Usage of your Teams Data

PixelMixer only stores necessary information from Teams, such as meeting transcriptions and recordings for the purposes of providing a seamless experience. None of your user data is stored or otherwise used by PixelMixer. For more information please review our Privacy Policy page.

Want to Learn More?

Schedule a demo to see what PixelMixer and Meeting Intelligence for Teams can do for you:

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