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PixelMixer Assistant for Zoom
PixelMixer Assistant for Zoom
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This help document describes how to use the PixelMixer Assistant for Zoom which is available in the Zoom Marketplace:


The PixelMixer Assistant app automatically records Zoom meetings and uploads them into your PixelMixer video library so they can be searched and viewed.

When enabled, the PixelMixer Assistant Bot will automatically join your hosted meetings as an attendee whenever they start. Once the meeting is over, the meeting recording will be available within your PixelMixer video library.

PixelMixer generates summaries, action items, chapters and detects topics as configured in your user preferences:


To configure the PixelMixer Assistant to automatically join and record your Zoom meetings, login in to your PixelMixer account and edit your user preferences. Click to enable Zoom Assistant under Integrations and enter your Zoom login credentials when prompted. Optionally, select the channel where you would like your Zoom recordings to appear.


You will need the following before being able to allow your Zoom recordings to be accessible from within PixelMixer:


You can suspend the uploads of your Zoom recordings into PixelMixer at any time by logging in to your PixelMixer account and opening your user preferences. Uncheck the box for Zoom Assistant.

Additionally, you can fully de-authorize PixelMixer from accessing your Zoom account by logging into Zoom and uninstalling the PixelMixer Assistant app:


  • Why do I want to host my videos in PixelMixer?

PixelMixer is the secure way to host your videos in a single library that can be searched and managed any way you see fit.

  • How does PixelMixer integrate with my Zoom experience?

After enabling Meeting Intelligence for your PixelMixer login id, PixelMixer Assistant will join meetings which you are the host and record them into PixelMixer so they can be accessed later.

  • Where do my Zoom videos go when they are posted into PixelMixer?

After the Zoom meeting is over, the recording will post to the channel you have selected in your user preferences.

  • How can I share my PixelMixer/Zoom videos?

Videos within PixelMixer can be shared via text or email message by selecting the sharing link next to any video. Likewise, a video can be "un-shared" by deleting the share link within the video permissions page.

  • What do others see when I share a video link?

When others click on a video sharing link, they can immediately watch the video without needing to enter a username or password. That is because sharing links are a specially encoded so keep them safe. You can see an example of a sharing link here:
  • How long does PixelMixer retain my recorded videos?

PixelMixer will retain your recorded videos until the time at which your account is terminated. Additionally, you may selectively delete videos individually through the PixelMixer Application.

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