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PixelMixer for Slack
PixelMixer for Slack
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PixelMixer is an intelligent, cloud-based video hosting solution that makes it easy to create a secure, searchable video library. Use PixelMixer to manage your valuable content, such as meeting recordings, training videos, stand-ups, presentations, and video messages. PixelMixer handles the tagging and transcription of your videos and will also alert you when a keyword of interest is mentioned.

PixelMixer can post updates into a Slack channel of your choice, alert you when topics of interest are mentioned within a video, as well as, show link previews for PixelMixer links within Slack messages.

If you are not already a PixelMixer user, you can create a free account by clicking here:

This article will explain how to configure the features supported by the PixelMixer for Slack app:

Enabling Channel Notifications

Slack Channel Notifications post updates to Slack when videos are uploaded or commented on.

As a PixelMixer channel owner or admin, you can enable updates to your PixelMixer to be posted into Slack by clicking "Edit Details" for your channel and enabling "Slack Channel Notifications":

Once enabled, you will be prompted to allow PixelMixer to access your Slack workspace and to select a Slack channel where the messages should be posted.

Enabling Keyword Alerts

Slack Keyword Alerts post updates to Slack whenever a topic or person of interest is mentioned. You can configure the keywords you want to be notified about in your Keyword Alert Preferences:

You can then configure notifications to be posted to Slack by enabling Slack Keyword Alerts within your PixelMixer Integrated Accounts page:

Once enabled, you will receive notifications when videos are uploaded that mention any of the keywords configured in your Keyword Alert Preferences.

PixelMixer Link Previews

You can enable previews of PixelMixer links within Slack so PixelMixer video thumbnail and keywords are displayed within your Slack messages whenever you paste a link:

You can enable this feature by pasting a PixelMixer link into a Slack message and clicking Yes, allow when prompted:

If you are not automatically prompted as mentioned above, just click here to start install the app.

You can enable PixelMixer Link previews for as many Slack or PixelMixer Workspaces as you like.

PixelMixer Link Previews can be disabled at any time within your PixelMixer Integrated Accounts page:

Usage of your Slack Data

PixelMixer only stores basic information from Slack, such as channel, user, and team id values for the purposes of providing a seamless experience with Slack.

Under the hood, PixelMixer uses an AI Large Language Model (LLM). Your data is retained only for as long as you have a PixelMixer account and PixelMixer will delete your all of your data upon request.

Please note: LLM's and other AI features provided by PixelMixer are not 100% accurate. You should always review output before sharing it or use PixelMixer's AI review feature to safeguard against inaccurate information.

None of your personal data is stored or otherwise used by PixelMixer. For more information please review our Privacy Policy page.


For any issues, questions, concerns or support, please reach out directly to PixelMixer Support.

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