Its no doubt that Zoom is a powerful tool - perhaps even a critical component for your business’s survival. But how can you maximize the value of the tool to yield even greater results?

In the new economy of social distancing and distributed workplaces the benefits of knowledge sharing, connection and direct communication are at a premium. Gone are the days of peeking over the cubicle or walking across the office to ask to ask a question. How do knowledge workers find the information they need to on-board, train, and stay in the loop with the rest of the company?

Studies show that workers feel more productive when they are working from home but how do others have visibility into what they are working on? And with so many meetings happening virtually via tools like Zoom, how do you share the content with those who might have missed the meeting?

PixelMixer is a new cloud based video platform that bridges the gap between content created virtually (aka video) and your workforce. Think of PixelMixer as your company’s own private YouTube platform that is fully integrated with Zoom so those valuable videos are never lost. Instead it transforms your Zoom meetings into a searchable content library for others in the company to learn and gain from. PixelMixer does this by synchronizing all of your recorded Zoom video content into the cloud and puts you in total control for permitting access.

For example, if someone were to miss one of your important meetings, they could go back and watch the meeting at any time by logging into PixelMixer. If the content should not be accessible by others, you can limit the access or delete the video altogether. PixelMixer handles security to make sure your content is never downloaded from the cloud, as well as, tracks who accessed and when.


PixelMixer transforms your organization, even if when dispersed by centralizing on-boarding and training videos. Any videos recorded using Zoom provide lasting value by becoming a permanent part of your video knowledge repository. This leads to better consistency and speed during the on-boarding process by making sure critical information is in the hands of new hires on day 1.

Bring your teams closer using the the free PixelMixer plugin for Zoom:

Also available on the Zoom App Store

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