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Account Security Settings
Account Security Settings
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PixelMixer is all about providing the right controls over access to your content. The account security settings (accessible only to account admins) is available by clicking your user icon in the upper right and is displayed in the drop-down menu.

The following settings are available for managing access to your account:

  • You can require users to login in order to view any video, content, or comments – even if the user has been sent a sharing link. While this will not prevent the sharing link from working, it will allow you to see who has registered for the login and is viewing.

  • You can prevent or allow others (besides account admins) to upload content. This is useful for curated libraries with lots of users.

  • You can prevent or allow others (besides account admins) from sharing content and channels such that all uses must be invited by an admin to access the site.

  • You can also prevent or allow others (besides account admins) from creating channels.

  • You can disable others besides admins from creating their own channels

  • It might also be preferable for you to hide video keywords if the transcripts are not maintained by the site users.

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